4 Tips to Dominate the Online Shopping Scene

Do you think of yourself an online shopping master? Or are you just starting to get the hang of maneuvering between stores to get the best deal? Either way, this guide along with the capabilities of the Shopicks app can help you make successful purchases every time.


Do your Research

Let’s start off with some pretty basic advice. Researching the product across multiple stores is easy and everyone should make this a habit. Browse through our featured picks and drag and drop different items into collections for a side by side comparison. Many times, that name-brand dress isn’t exclusive to the company’s website. A simple scroll through the search engine results and you’ll find that Free People top hiding in a few other places. E-commerce sites do it all the time as they compile a database of products from numerous online retail stores. These websites have their own separate deals and discounts offered on the same brand name you were almost overcharged on, and Shopicks will always notify you about these alerts. Take the time to compare websites and take advantage of what is a couple clicks away.


Keep Track of your Measurements

One of the few drawbacks to online shopping is that you can’t try on the clothes before you make the purchase. For products you’ve bought before, it is a little easier. But, there are thousands of clothing brands and “Small” is not a standard size. Increase your shopping confidence by having your measurements handy to make sure that medium will fit properly. You can do it yourself at home, or you can have a professional do it. Sometimes, they will not even charge you for the couple minutes it takes.You might find that having these accurate measurements has your clothing feeling more comfortable on you. We live in an age where we seem busier than ever, and this can seem like an unnecessary use of time. Another great way to solve the measurement issue is to keep track of sizes when you are shopping at retail stores. When you try on clothes or purchase them in the physical store, take note of which designs and sizes did not fit right so you can reference that in the future. If you know your size for a particular brand, it will save time and limit the anxiety when making an online purchase. This way, you can feel more confident when adding items to your collections and never have to second guess sizing. Drag and drop with a little more relief!


Follow your Faves

There is a method to the discount madness and you can harness it. Oftentimes, online stores will prompt you with a one-time discount code for visiting their site on a certain day or for being a first-time user. If you don’t mind them popping up on your social media feed, it’s also a good idea to follow your favorite retail stores on different social platforms. Exclusive discounts and sneak peeks into future deals are sometimes reserved for dedicated followers of the brand. This along with our sales alerts will give you the best chance to save as much money as possible. Lastly, if you really want to save a few extra dollars, be cognizant of what days you do your shopping on. Studies have shown Tuesdays and Fridays to be the days with the highest chance of stores offering the coupon you’ve been waiting for.


Two-way Shipping Hack

What’s better than free shipping? Free two-way shipping. Yes, it’s nice to have a fail safe for those times the sizing was not advertised correctly, but that’s not the only use. Since there is a chance you might have to return it, purchase more than you need. If you’re skeptical about those new Converse fitting right, buy the size above and below what you normally wear. You can test out a few options without having to go to a store, and it’s free. This extends to buying a few different styles of shirts or pants as well. Try them on worry-free and see which looks best on you. This way you are still online window shopping, but you can get a precise feel for the comfort and sizing at your home. Pick the one you like, then return the others for a full refund.









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