Sport Luxe

It’s EVERYWHERE! Luxe sportswear, also known as ‘Athleisure’, has become one of the biggest high-street and designer trends of this year. If you’re not sure what it is, then you will probably be surprised to hear that clothing designed for athletic workouts have made their way out of the gym and into a large part of people’s everyday wear.  Sport Luxe is being worn in the office as well as on social occasions.

But what spurred this on? Could it perhaps be a result of this generations growing infatuation with getting fit and ‘strong being the new skinny’?

Now although everybody has their favorite tracksuit bottoms and comfy ‘hoodie’, Athleisure is not as simple as throwing on the kind of stuff you wear for housework or gardening. Its smarter, more feminine and sleek with a sports influence. From couture trainers to posh zip-up jackets, this trend has gone mainstream from an increasing desire for all things fitness-related.

In July 2015, ‘Net-a-porter’ the high fashion retailer launched ‘Net-a-sporter’, after research with their customers found that women across the world are becoming more and more active. Designers such as Stella McCartney recently teamed up with Adidas creating a line of Sport Luxe, as well as Alexander Wang for HnM, suggesting to us that this trend is more than a one-hit-wonder and something that’s here to stay!

There’s something for everyone, so whether you are young or old view our ‘Sport Luxe’ collection for inspiration.



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